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ULTRA B.U.X sd s8500 & s8530 4.3 rom [Update on 18 Oct]



XDA developer Tigrouzen is working really very hard to make our Wave devices better and better everyday.
He has released the updated version of B.U.X Kernal- ULTRA B.U.X

If you missed the first post then check out here –

Android 4.3 and latest B.U.X Kernal for Samsung Wave I and II by Tigrouzen

You can download the ULTRA B.U.X kernal from here:

Please note, you need to wipe data/factory reset to take this Kernal take effect.

This new kernal is really very fast than previous versions.

Here is the complete post by Tigrouzen

Rom 4.3

Goal : make Best User Xperience Wave I & II no more frustrated

If its first install :

A) Backup Your SD if you use SD ROM with SD kernel 
B) Push Kernel on Phone Memory or SDcard if you got FOTA SD
C) For Nand Wave I & II need FOTA SD and kernel on SDcard 

For SD ROM :

If all ready have SD partitioned then go to “For All” else boot on recovery mode SD then go to advanced menu > partition sdcard and choose half of your SDCARD then choose 0 for swap, dont forget repush kernel on SDcard if you use FOTA SD


1 : If you never installed Nand rom and want use Nand rom first boot Nand mode (Power + VolUp) wait 1min if you all ready have Nand partitioned then go to 2 
2 : Boot on recovery mode Nand (Power + Cam) go “For All”

For All :

2 : On Recovery Mode > Mount and storage > mount usb storage, Push unzipped “clockwork” folder on SD, dont forget umount your SD on desktop before hit home key too umount on recovery mode

4A SD Wave I & II : back to first menu choose restore & backup menu then restore choose rom 2013-09… and Yes – Restore

4B Nand Wave I & II : back to first menu choose restore & backup menu then advanced restore choose data rom 2013-09… then Restore system & Restore data dont Restore cache

5A : Reboot : Power Key for SD 

5B : Reboot : Power + Volup Key for Nand

GSM v1.3 Ril Wave I & Wave II [16/10/2013] :
Install it like a rom
install zip from sd card

Wifi For Wave II [16/10/2013]
Install it like a rom
install zip from sd card

Optimise Data Wave I & II : 
Install it like Rom
install zip from sd card

You can push this kernel on phone memory if you got Fota from Volk Rom
Or on sdcard if you got SD Fota

If you want use 2 boot you need Fota SD

Wave I & II Kernel For 4.3 Rom : 
Low Voltage
Bigmem (no video no cam)
Recovery mode under Android (active it on Developer option > Advanced reboot)

Important think :
On Menu Performance > Memory management
Enable “Allow purging of assets”

Enable “Kernel samepage merging”

SD & Nand Kernel Wave I & II Ultra B.U.X SD, VolUP boot Nand Rom 
Big attention about Fota SD user and VolUp read more on FOTA paragraphe
Wave II Data Wipe on recovery mode if you coming from B.U.X V4

Fota SD Wave I & II :
Rebellos FOTA modified by myself & ihavenick 

Don’t need anymore boot bada to push kernel
You can push on recovery mode or under Android with mounting usb storage

Important about Fota SD :
If you not planned to use Nand rom Wave I or Wave II you don’t need Fota SD
If you want boot Volk rom just push kernel on Sdcard

Wave I : 

Wave II :

Fota Boot Option : 

Power = Android
Power + Call = Bada
Power + Home = Recovery Mode Sd
Power + VolUp = Nand Rom (dont use it if you dont have Nand Rom. It erase bada)
Power + VolDown = Recovery Mode Sd
Power + Cam = Recovery Mode Nand


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  • Vikram Vivek

    wifi for wave 1 ????

  • joezerg

    pls ! how to download the file — the web always ask to install a software ILIVID , but it does work- but repeatedly download itself.