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Bada 1.2 Firmware for Samsung Wave II S8530 and Wave I S8500


I have been recieving a lot request from lots of Bada 2.0 users that they want to revert back to Bada 1.2 and they dont like Bada 2.0 because of many reasons like degraded camera quality, sluggish performance etc..

So I thought I should share Bada 1.2 Firmware with you all. Below you will find the link for both Wave I and II Firmwares.

You would need Multiloader 5.65 (Download from here) to install these firmwares on your phones.

Samsung Wave II Bada 1.2 Firmware – Download link

Samsung Wave I Bada 1.2 firmware – Download link


For more Firmware version, you can visit




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  • veera

    thank u….if i return bk to bada1.2,,my camera l b bk to original factory setting???????????pls do reply

    • Piyush Jain

      Yes it will.

      • veera

        ty piyush….i ve anothr dbt…if i dwngrd witout bootfiles,,my phone l wrk nrmly?

      • Sudhir Nayak

        Hi Piyush, I have been using a Samsung Wave II phone which is showing some problem lang touch and hangs a lot. Can you suggest a way to get a complete back up for messages and contacts before going for a repair.

        Sudhir Nayak

  • Abhik

    Hi Piyush,
    The link that you have provided for Samsung Wave II Bada 1.2 Firmware doesn’t contain some required files and folders . for eg, it doesn’t contain the folder BOOTFILES. Could you please upload the correct link where we can get all the files.

  • joes

    ok so am not in india but africa and tried flahsing multiloader says serial port error

  • koti

    please upload boot files and other missing files to

  • john

    Been a while I am looking for this..just want the old version.

  • Sumedh

    boot files plz

  • pranav

    boot files plss!

  • pranav

    i need boot file plss for samsung wave GT-s8500 bada 1.2

  • owais irshad

    i need bada 1.2 firmware for s8530