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New Method of Unlimited Spoofing for Bada 2.0


Today i am going to share the latest and greatest method to Spoof unlimited apps for Bada 2.0.. Earlier we had shared a spoofing method but it was able to spoof only one apps. But the following method can help you spoof unlimited apps. 🙂

This spoofing method is developed by one of the bada developer on

Follow the exact steps as below otherwise you may get some error. Also I would like to tell that i have tested this method on Wave II S8530 with Bada 2.0 OS Indian Official Version S8530DDLC2.

Flash the following files according to your Phone model

* Just full flash apps_Compressed.bin (list from below)

*Just Tick LSI, Boot Change and Full Download

*Then Click Port Search.

* Then Download

Multiloader 5.67:      Download link

Wave I

Wave I Turko V5

Wave II

Wave III: Caution Not tested!

723 Wave Firmware EXXLB3

NOTE : This method may not work for all firmwares So i recommend that 

 if you got error when you spoof: “0101,0102,0103,0104,0105,0106,0107,0108,0109,0110?

* For wave I : Just flash your wave to turko v5 by hero533 and then do the first step of flashing the apps_Compressed.bin. 

* For wave II : Just flash this new custom Firmware based on DDLC2 (Download link given below) and i added some modification from turko v5 to it.This firmware solve the error problem and you can run many spoofed apps (no need to do step one with this firmware )Download link                          

Once you have completed the above steps, now you need to download the Spoofing Software.

Uncompress this rar file.

Now the below steps are to install apps on your Wave 🙂

1. Uncompress the unmodified apps that you want to download.

Here are the link for some unmodified apps:

Angry Birds :

iPlayer 2:

Ace Tennis 2010 :

nDrive 11 :

NFS Shift :

Other unmodified apps links can be found at below link:

Unmodified apps for Bada 2.0

2. Copy the “BadaCertificate.cer” file (you will find it in Bada Spoof software downloaded above) and paste it into Wave Memory Card in “Others” folder.

3. On the phone open My Files and browse to the certificate we you just transferred in previous step and click on “BadaCertificate.cer” to install this certificate. Click yes on the prompt.

4. After you have installed the certificate, run “Bada Wave Spoof-En.exe”

5. Connect phone to PC in Mass Storage mode.

6. Select the path of “.exe” of application that you want to install. See below screenshot.

7. Check the option “Replace directly signature.xml” then click on “Sign” button and then on “Rename” button.

8. Now go to “Copy” tab and select the drive of you e.g. “F:\” for your phone memory card and click “copy button”

9. After copy completes, disconnect your phone from PC and again reconnect your phone normally to PC in Kies mode.

10. Go to “installation” tab and select “memory card” from drop down menu and click “install” button.

11. Within few minutes, it will display a message “Spoof completed”.. And you can enjoy your Spoof apps on Wave. 🙂

Please leave your comments if you face any problem.

Watch this video if you dont understand anything.


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  • Ram_mohan1989

    i have done as per the instructions. the spoofing is working perfectly. but  now my mobile is rejecting the simcard. during the booting i i insert a sim card the does not  work. without sim it is working. its is happening after i did this new spoofing method.  i am using samsung wave 2.  pls help me mr piyush..

    • Piyush Jain

      Which Bada OS version you are using ? I think you have flashed wrong apps_compressed_spoof file.. Re-flash apps_compressed_spoof file and it should solve the issue.

      • Manpreet Singh Bindra

        Piyush Boss, official Bada 2.0 India cold not spoof it. Error code 0109 shown on phone? what to do?

        • Piyush Jain

          have you flashed apps_Compressed.bin in your wave ? Its working for me..

          • Sumits8500

             when m flashing it phone doesnt start it loading simcard

      • VikrantMore


        i spoofed one game but i didnt find that game on my phone after spoofing…please help me

  • Raj_mohan1989

    i am using wave 2 with bada 2.0 .. i upgraded it..

  • Raj_mohan1989

    it used the wave 2 compreesion files.. i am using wave2 with bada 2.  i did as you told.  but still not working . 

    • Piyush Jain

      I think you now need to flash your phone with customized Wave II firmware given in above link.. This should solve the issue.

      • Raj_mohan1989

        thank u mr Piyush. if i use customized wave 2  i wil i loose all the data and application stored. pls reply

        • Piyush Jain

          You can first take the backup using KIES and then flash your phone with customized firmware.. And later you can restore the backup..

          • Raj_mohan1989

            what are it’s procedures??

  • gia

    thank you very much i am perfeccccccccccccccc

  • Thedarkknightrises

    With Samsung already dropping support for Bada in favour of Tizen, you like a stupid moron are pirating apps here. Shame on you man, very shameful. Games like “Angry Birds” is being sold for like Rs. 99(INR), and can’t you pay this petite amount. You are pathetic man. Sick. 🙁

  • Freevlee

    I have a samsung wave y running bada 2. will the above method work. If not, is there any way to spoof the particular model???


    • Piyush Jain

      Yes it works 100% 🙂

      • Will Smith

        Hi can u plz tell me which files to use wave1, wave turko or wave II? 

  • Saiprasad Ap

    need new HD games dude.. all apps r year old 

  • Jake_oo1

    when i load apps_compressed via multiloader , after the port search when i click download it says ‘ warning : secuirty fail!!! ‘

    Help please :/

  • Mck3090

    i spoofed one game and it works fine… when i do the same for another game the previous game doesnt work and newly installed game doesnt run…

  • sharath kumar

    but when you spoof more apps or games only last spoofed one will word other all says invalid application…..
    is there any other way so that all spoofed ones will work at same time?

    • Piyush Jain

      Please read the complete post carefully.. it tells u how to do it..

  • Ninou

    hello i have a wave y!! the spoof succed but the game crash after few seconds  !! what should i do? thank you

    • Piyush Jain

      may be its a problem with that game… I have spoofed more than 10 games and they work perfectly well..

      • Sumits8500

         i also have the same problem!!

      • Rish_rajput

         which games can be spoofed in wave y

    • A waver

      ninou what multi loader did u use plz tell me ?

  • A Developer

    Bastards, you are killing bada.


  • Sumits8500

    When i Spoof Angry Bird N Dn m Spofing nd Game Last GAmes Doesnt Work!!!

    It Show Invalid Application

  • Tushar

    someone plz reply…
    piyush bhaiya…after clicking on LSI,boot change,full download and then searching port ,when i click on download it says “select image”
    ~what do i do?

  • Reclamelol

    ehm which file am i supposed to take for the wave y? pls edit ur Tutorial

  • A waver

    Can u plz tell me what frimware i should use for my Samsung wave Y ?? 

  • A waver

    What multi loader should i use plz tell me plzzz for my wave y ??

  • Kaushal9989

    thanks please tell me is asphalt6 is available for spoofing?

  • Mohnish

    thank u buddy………this spoofing Technic really worked……….!!!!!!!!

  • yoda

    WAVE Y ???????????

  • jay

    plz man tell me whether wave y can run nfs shift

  • Shrikant Patel

    Spoofing works but I’m not able to make any calls..its says “call not allowed “

  • Shrikant Patel

    Spoofing works but after that I’m not able to make any says “Call not allowed “

  • suraj

    is this same thing works in wave 3……………

  • Kmengit

    not success renaming, still show renaming in progress with the error message, Program can’t handle

  • Hasib

    Hi Piyush, thanks for the spoofing process and it worked well without any error. But after spoofing I could not find the game anywhere in my phone. Could you please help me regarding this problem ?

  • vibhor

    pls help me….
    i spoofed completely similar to shown in video…. but there is no app installed on my phone… what can i do pls help me


    Hey guys! it works! I tried this one and i have almost all games!
    I have bada 2. Wave s8500
    do not download all APPs from torrent etc.
    check this out and try to translate

  • acmekk16

    hey i tried this method and it works fine. but after “apps_Compressed_spoof_Wave_III_hero355.bin” my firmware changed changed from S8600ODDLD1 which is indian into S8600OXXLC3. so my question was this cause me any problem in future? and if i want to get my old firmware back how to get it? can u help me with this?

  • Mayank Kalwani

    it will work on wave y ?

  • mrghost

    what apps_compressed i have to use for wave y??? please answer my question

  • Mrghost

    which one of the apps_compressed i have to use for wave y??

  • Riyaz Basha

    i didnt get any app on my phone after spoofing

  • shekhar

    this process is not working in wave y

  • Sagar

    It is Awsom dud!!!
    Super job..Very Very Thank You!!!!

  • viki

    i can able to spoof only one game others are saying as invalid application

  • Paia182

    is it working with wave s5250 also?

  • truhrewa

    hello sir. i spoofed my wave 3 with the version u provided in the link above. i am playing angry birds easily but nfs shift wasnt working properly and now when i recoonect my phone to do dat lsi boot full download thing, it does not find the port. sir spoofing is not working. what to do….?
    pls reply…..

  • Aakash Salunke


    * Just full flash apps_Compressed.bin (list from below)

    *Just Tick LSI, Boot Change and Full Download

    *Then Click Port Search.

    * Then Download ”
    with an image

  • Gaurav Jindal

    Bada Wave Spoof-En.exe is not installed my wave y GT-S5380k


    Hi guys, im not even sure if i can talk about this here, if in another
    forum zone.. Well if i shouldn’t write this here, sorry in advance for
    that and for the bad english (im portuguese)..

    The thing is, yesterday i flashed my phone with TurkoCFW v8 and spoofed
    fruit ninja with the wave spoofer.. all went well and i was happy with
    it :P.. today, i’ve download two more apps, Uno HD, Tower Bloxx and did
    exactly the same steps as yesterday. The program says “spoof completed”
    but in the screen, theres no icon :S

    So far i’ve updated wave spoofer, closed all kies processes in task manager, restart the laptop, restart phone.. nothing works.

    Can someone give me some help or indicate me the right placesite to ask help for this?

    Thanks in advance

  • Mohit Milton Kumar

    hi piyush…. all ur stuffs r great…
    i need ur help bro…. plz tell me how to install fonts in wave y…
    stune is not working in this set….
    plz help me out!!!!!!!

  • Chandrajeet Singh

    i am unable to spoof more than one i spoof other game.the previous one say invalid application.need help sir !

  • Om Yadav

    I am getting installation failed with error code 0112. using turko cfw v5

  • gabi

    On My wave 3 its work perfect you ARE the best

  • shan

    i am facing the promblem to rename the path …it giving me unhandled to get rid out of this promblem

  • BằŔằ Sằbbằgh

    i cant find my phone when i want to spoof i put it in massstorage put nothing found’

  • BằŔằ Sằbbằgh

    plz answer my (Q):

  • Ciocoi Cristian

    hi mean,thanks very much for this it worked for me yeah!!my best regards

  • Lords Rings

    hello bro i did all of this according you advice but when it restart it never start again
    the screen stuck when the logo of samsung wave gt-s8500
    nothing happend any more and its also not connecting with the computer any more will you please give me some advice