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Official Bada 2.0 for Wave II S8530 released in India [S8530DDLC2_S8530ODDLC2_INU]

flash (1)

Finally looonnnnngg Wait is Over for Bada Users in India. Bada 2.0 is officially released on 4th April 2012 for Wave II S8530. However, for Wave I it is still yet to come.

Firmware : S8530DDLC2_S8530ODDLC2_INU

Now all of the Wave II owners can upgrade from Bada 1.2 to Bada 2.0. Those who are using the default firmware Bada 1.2 can use KIES to upgrade to Bada 2.0. It is very simple. Just open KIES and connect your phone to PC using data cable and KIES will show you the option for upgrade.

However, for the users who are already using Beta version of Bada 2.0 cannot upgrade using KIES. So they need to download the Bada 2.0 Firmware from the below link and use Multiloader 5.65 and follow the steps as given in the below video.

Note : Pls. use 7zip to extract the files.

Full Firmware S8530DDLC2_S8530ODDLC2_INU : Download

MultiLoader 5.65 : Download

I was already using Beta version so I have upgraded through Multiloader. All the steps for upgrade are given in below video. See below screen shot of Multiloader before and after the successful upgrade.

Set the following setting and click Download button.

After this completes, you will see like this. And you phone will automatically restart with new Firmware.

Here are the screenshots from my phone after flashing to latest Bada 2.0

Here is the video for complete steps for flashing to latest Bada 2.0

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  • Abc

    Does ur kies show it as official

    • Rahul Netha

       It shows official and latest version to me..

  • Jyoti_jacks

    hi Piyush
    does updating my wave 2 to bada 2.0(S8530DDLC2_S8530ODDLC2_INU) will remove all my pre installed apps on bada 1.2? 

    • Piyush Jain

      Yes it will remove all your apps from your phone. Your phone will come to default settings after upgrade. However, you can take backup of your contacts, sms, other setttings through KIES backup/restore option.

  • Jagadish_321

    samsung wave 2 failed to upgrade firmware 5th april. my phone hanged and tpotallly spoiled i went samsung service center.. they said we will not provide any guaranty for upgrading firmware.. plz be careful BADA OS is worst OS. your phone will damage. take care before upgrade

  • Sourabh

    I have   upgrade my Samsung wave bada os from 1.2 to 2.0 via kies
    and my all contacts messages applications was restored successfully.


    • Piyush Jain

      Nice !!!

  • Siddharth

    Hi Piyush,Thanks for the information. can you tell me that official bada 2.0 is available for all versions in india or not???

    • Piyush Jain

      Bada 2.0 is available only for Wave II..

  • kunal

    Dear Piyush,
    I want to update my firmware to BADA 2.0.
    But Samsung service centres are denying the fact that there is an update available for the samsung wave 2.
    They told me that BADA 2.0 is officially not launched in India.and the KIES update is not specific for India.
    Pls help..

    • Piyush Jain

      It is available.. you can upgrade to bada 2.0 on wave II… This is the latest and official version.. go ahead with upgrade..

      • Sourabh Das

        i tried upgrading as in ur video now its showingon screen-  FOTA Engine is not installed plz install below fote engine..

        wat 2 do now???

        • Piyush Jain

          reflash it.. and include fota file this time..see above screen shots of multiloader..

  • Cvinoth2000

    hi Piyush
    I updated to Bada 2.0 but battery is draining very quickly. Pls help

  • Shripad

    Hi Piyush,
    Its great that Bada 2.0 is released for wave II..
    suppose something goes wwrong while upgrading via Kies then is there any way to restore back to the 1.2 version….

  • Ashokranade1

    3 days ago i tried to upgrade via kies n something went wrong. My phone was not booting showing some phone and computer via yellow sign. Samsung service centre gave the phone today with bada 2.0 installed on my wave 2

  • Shekhar Patil

    Hi Piyush…
    Can i upgrade my Wave 5253 using this OS (BADA 2.0)?


  • Shripad

    How to configure Wifi settings in Bada 2.0 ? I’m unable to configure wi-fi after upgrading to Bada 2.0

  • Meticulous

    yeh kisne batana tha k it wil format all my files….contacts..msgs….kya piyush bhai

  • Kan111kan

    piyush please help me.
    i have s8530. i m update bada 1.2 to bada 2.0 with kies but some problem. downloading start but then msg displyed is pc failed to recognise the mobile phone. thre r some step- remove the bettery, switch on phone then connect again i follow all step but problem is continue………….please help me fast

  • Saurav

    i have s8530. i have updated my firmware to 2.0 at least 5 to 6 times using kies..but every-time after downloading components it stops at 40 % in updating mode and says time-out..what should i do…plz mail me ..i will be very thankful 2 u..

    • Piyush Jain

      flash using multiloader..

    • Sabir Ali

      pls use a connection with speed of 3 mbps 

  • karthik

    Hi piyush!
    I too have updated to bada 2 os, I was also able to install all the games for bada 2, but some of the games dont work, and reads insuffecient memmory to start application OS reports free RAM is less? Can we increase the RAM? and HOW?

    • Piyush Jain

      no we cant..

  • rahul

    thanks piyush i was upgrade my wave 2

  • kannan

    I have upgraded using the above firmware and through multiloader, but after upgrade my mobile battery is draining out so fastly. i need to recharge it twice everyday now.

    i followed exactly the same steps mentioned above. please help me if i need to do anything else or is there any other way to get back to 1.2 and then upgrade again through kies.

    • Piyush Jain

      Battery management with Bada 2.0 is not so good. We are trying to find out how we can improve the battery management on bada 2.0 and will soon update on our blog.

      • kannan

        Thanks for the update Piyush. Will wait for your update regarding this batttery performance. i am almost charging my phone twice a day now after upgrade 🙁

  • Vikas_7002

    wen i try to upgrade the firmware via kies it says your current firmware S8530DDKF1 cannot be upgraded & the “upgrade” button is not highlighted. Is this happening with other firmware also ?

  • Gauravjoshi4you

    its nicely done…!

  • Simasarik68

    there is no message alert tone when listen radio or music player, and when i chose to disable sound and vibration OFF only sond is off vibration still working…..

  • Vibgoel007

    i have as you told but it always says ‘serial port open error’ what to do?

  • Nave Alacsim

    Can we upgrade original wave to bada 2? (1.0 -2.0)

  • Nave Alacsim

    Do you know how to upgrade GT-s8500 to bada 2?

  • Hemanth144

    Hi Friends ….

    I have upgraded to BADA 2 …. but the phone is responding very slow for every application …. even typing message it hangs a lot … i did not face this problem when on bada 1.2 can you help me to get this issue resolved .

  • Nag Hari 143

    HI i am getting serial port open error. please help how to proceed

    • Piyush Jain

      try connecting your phone on some other USB port and make sure kies is not open..

  • bhanu nimbhal


    Sir i want to inform u that my order num is A04300270410 an transaction id
    693599 date 27-04-2010 in after noon 13:25pm when i recharge RS250 my mobile
    number 9772849620 is a company of vodaphone i do all the process and then the
    process is failed an then there is a option of try again and i tried again an
    its again failed an then i see my balance in mobile an there is no ballance of
    this transaction and then i see my ballance of my bank account of sbi debit
    card i see there is a transaction of RS250+RS250=500 is debit from my account.
    so i request u to refund my amount of RS500 in my sbi bank account. my register
    id in recharge it now is
    , I also filed a complaint at
    and even after this not get any response, I shall be highly obliged. 

  • Amit Mistry

    Hi Piyush,

    I have Bada 2.0 on my Wave 2 and I have problem of not getting GPS in indoor as well as outdoor. I tried all possible ways as shown by people in forums but not getting through. However when i am in office and connected to Wifi the GPS location shows immediately within seconds. Secondly when I open Google Map in 3G it never opens and when connected with wifi it immediately opens and shows the location. Please show some way if possible. All other apps are working fine.

  • Amin Aga

    Hi! Thx buddy for uploading such a nice info but i am facing some problems while upgrading to bada 2.0 via Kies. Everytime when my upgrade reaches to 60% it shows m an error like ” Request time out” can i upgarde through Multi-loader as i right now using default bada 1.2…pls help me & reply ASAP. 

  • Amin Aga

    Hello i m tryng to upgrade firmware of my wave 2
    from last couple of days via KIES but unfortunately i m not able to do
    that as every time my download reaches to 60% the Kies show an error
    like “Request Time out”… i m
    using default firmware bada 1.2 so Can i use Multi-loader to upgrade??? pls rply ASAP.

  • Ksunilkumar27

    can u plz let me know password for this firmware?

    • Piyush Jain

      No password required..

  • Sachdeep

     hi piyush
    in my samsung wave II s8530
    firmware is fully downloaded through kies.but when installing through kies it comes an error”pc does not recognize your mobile phone”

  • Guest1


    I was following the video tutorial so I forgot to add the FOTA part and now my screen is stuck saying “FOTA Engine is not installed. Plz install below FOTA Eng….”

    How do I exit this command so I can add the missing part? Please help.

    Thank you!

    • Piyush Jain

      Just use the 3 keys to bring your phone in the download mode. And then add Fota file

  • kannan

    Piyush, A month back i was asking you about the Battery draining out faster in my wave 2 after bada 2.0 upgrade. you said the team is working on that. is there any update on this please?

    I tried changing my network mode to ‘gsm 900/1800’ and now my phone is giving 3 days battery backup with normal use.if i need to use 3G then again i need to change my network mode.please see if you guys can work on this 3G network consuming more power so that it will help us all.

    • Piyush Jain

      Thanks Kannan for sharing this useful information.. 🙂

  • Deepak Srivastava

    Do you happen to know why the sound output of Ringtone/Music has dropped so low,however its fine for games.This problem is there since I upgraded to bada2.0 on my WaveII GT-S8530..

  • Ak2965

    piyush baba android kab lekar aaoge wave 2 ke liye

  • Sanyasirao Kayala

    I unable to restore backup data from pc to wave 2 using kies 2.3 and my wave 2 is upgraded to bada2.0

    please help me out

  • Souabh Singh

    thanks sir wowwwwwwwwwwwwww i change my bada1.2 to 2.0 yuppppy floow the tips

  • Aman Goel

    hi buddy 
    want to upgrade my firmware from 1.2 to 2.0 
    but my firmware version is xxkja can i use the above mention firmware for upgrading…???

  • Talib

    guys having some touch problem in my wave II 
    what to do guys pls help 

  • Dattu87

    hello.. please tell me how to install android on wave 2 ( s8530 )… thanks in advance

  • Gaurav Sabharwal

    Hi Piyush,
    I m using Wave-II with firmware DDKF1. whn I connected my cell with Kies a pop up menu opened with the updation of firmware. I followed the procedure. And after completion of 100% a message appeared stating “Mobile phone not recognized by Kies, Reconnect the Mobile”. I reconnected the mobile  and follw the procedure of updating my Wave-II again not same message appeared second time too.

    How to solve this problem????

  • Abhi Sinha66

    sir please tell me how to dawnload v5.65 multiloader  

  • Abhi Sinha66

     sir please tell me ho to dawnload v5.65 multiloader

  • Surya Yarramsetty

    hi piyush i m using wave 5253 is it possible upgrade my mobile to bada 2.0 

  • Ismutab

    can i update the bada2.0 fr the wave 525
    thanks in advance..

  • Rjcrystal

    i have seen the firmware files on it shows size of 202 MB and yours one shows size of 175 MB have u removed any other files?? and huge thanks for uploding files on media fire hotfile sucks 

    • Piyush Jain

      No i have not removed any file.. Might be my files are in more compressed form than samfirmware.. I am using this same Firmware and it works great..

  • Joson77

    piyush my wave 2 is freezing, i had installed bada 2, it was freezing badly later i downgraded it to 1.2, still the problem persists, what could be the reason? hardware problem????

  • Poojan

    hey piyush chatOn is not working properly… its not showing any contact..
    my email id

  • Advsgp

    Hi Piyush…i have samsung wave 2 and vodafone connection. I just upgraded my phone to bada 2.0 and thereafter my internet for any of the applications is not working. I have made all the setting to vodafone mobile connect except for mms. Please advise what to do?

  • Abhanshuloo7

    i have installed bada 2.0 on my wave 2 but after few days whenevr i type messages or do surfing it hangs for moments then after pressing keys for few times it works
    sir plz can you suggest something and help with that…

  • Pc

    Hey Its showing Security fail when I am trying to download the firmware to phone

  • ajay

    are bhaiya mere wave 2 restart ho rha h download mode me aat h fir 2 min k bad restart ho jata h kya karu btao

  • Pritesh

    do I need to backup my data?

  • gagan

    geeting security fail error plz cn u help me out for this

  • George Gonsalvez

    Its showing bootloader write error for me what to do?

  • Sojan Davis

    Yes successfully flashed to bada 2.. awesome.. almost same as android…Thankx Piyush,,

  • Sojan Davis

    Successfully flashed my Samsumg Wave 2 S8530 to bada 2.0…Itz was awesome experience.. 100% success.. almost like android.. 🙂 i luv it..thx piyush… faced some port issues while installation..manged to install one file at a time..put again into download mode .. continue rest of the files…make sure to install FOTA too…

  • Prasanna Kolambkar

    hi piyush i love bada 2.0
    but most of my friends have android phones
    I have wave 2 and is there any android update for it

  • Navi

    Thanx a TON, I learned and earned from it